Interview with Jessica Novianti from Karta Batik

One of the brands featured in this month’s Modista newsletter is Karta Batik, run by the lovely Jess who started the business in 2020 and stocks the most incredible fabrics from her home country of Indonesia. Jess lives in Leiden in the Netherlands and we were able to meet up in Amsterdam for a socially distanced walk and had a great time!

Jessica is so passionate about what she does and her fabrics are stunning. To help you get to know her a bit better I asked her the lowdown on all things sewing…

How did you learn to sew?

I’m an autodidact sewist. I learned to sew about 3 years ago by solely relying on books and Youtube videos as I didn’t know anyone around me who sews. My determination to have clothes that would fit my petite body has motivated me to keep on learning.

I started making garment by free drafting or copying my existing clothes. Then, I learned to use commercial sewing patterns and also learned to draft pattern using draping method. It’s been a big discovery to find my sewing passion which has made me feel truly fulfilled.

What would you say is your sewing style?

Versatile, modern, and comfortable. I always try to sew items that I can wear for at least 2 seasons through the year (be it through layering or fabric choice), yet without sacrificing style nor comfort.

Tell us about the start of your business

Karta Batik started just around 3 months ago. The current pandemic has made me realize that life is precious and unpredictable. At the same time, I saw a lot of people who got affected by the pandemic. This situation has encouraged me to do something positive for myself and society.

For me, this meant following my passion while contributing back to the society. And that’s how Karta Batik Fabrics as a social business was born.

Karta’s philosophy is “fabrics with meanings”: On the one hand, it introduces you to the relatively unknown yet beautiful modern Indonesian batik fabrics and also the rich philosophical meaning behind it. On the other hand, every fabric you purchase is a direct contribution to education for underprivileged children in Indonesia. I’m committed to donate 20% of our profit to an organization that supports this cause.

Karta’s fabrics are 100% handmade in Indonesia (Central Java) and undergo double processes: the dobby process and the batik process. Therefore, Karta as a small business also directly helps the local crafters to sustain and preserve the art.

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'Kirana' Cotton Dobby Batik Flora Batik motif is one of the most popular batik motifs found across regions in Indonesia (e.g. flowers, leaves, trees motif, etc.). As a tropical country, life there is surrounded by lush nature.. Plants are the symbol of life and sustainability 🌱 Therefore according to ancient Javanese philosophy, batik with flora motif is a reminder that humans have to act ecologically responsible. A good advice to us all that also fits into the idea of slow fashion/ sewing itself 😊 Composition: Cotton Dobby Dobby is a subtle geometric texture on the cotton fabric, created by applying a special technique during the weaving process. This beautiful texture elevates the fabric by giving it a subtle shine and intricate look. The fabric is a light-medium weight cotton, has some 'body', and presses well. Perfect for sewing blouse/ dress with statement sleeves or other garment types that require some structures. Length: 190 cm Width: 113 cm Batik type: hand-stamp technique Origin: Central Java, Indonesia Link to online shop in profile 😊 . . . . . . . . . #kartabatikfabrics #imademyclothes #handmadewardrobe #sewcialists #memadewardrobe #naaien #naaienisleuk #naaieniship #amsterdamsews #imakemyclothes #nähen #nähenmachtglücklich #mooiestoffen #nähenisttoll #amsterdamsewers #netherlandssews #knipmode #zelfmaakmode #zelfkledingmaken #naaienvoormezelf #nähliebe #nähenistliebe #stoffenwinkel #stoffen #stof #stoffliebe #nähenistschön #fabricaddict #naaienvoordames #naaieniscool

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What is your favourite thing about running a small sewing business?

The joy it gave me to introduce people to the relatively unknown modern Indonesian batik fabrics and culture that I’m so passionate about. People’s interest and appreciation of it really means a lot to me.

What are the next steps for you and your business?

I’d love to stock and introduce other kind of Indonesian ethnic fabrics to the European sewing community. For example, beautiful Ikat fabric from Bali and Flores or Songket from Sumatra.

What inspires you in your sewing style?

The Instagram indie sewing community, which normally reflects the current trend in fashion.

Finally, what is your favourite thing you have made, and what’s next on your machine?

My two wedding dresses! I made one for my civil wedding in The Netherlands in 2018 and then made another one for my wedding party in Bali a year after. The amount of hard work and determination behind it made it a very special thing to make and remember.

Funny enough, as if it was not enough, what’s next on my machine now is another wedding dress! This time I make it for a good friend of mine. She asked me to make her a special dress using one of Karta Batik’s fabrics.

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It’s my wedding anniversary! Two years ago around this time my husband and I said ‘yes’ to each other after being almost 6 years together. How time flies! 😆 We actually had 2 weddings: first one in 2018 in The Netherlands for the civil and church wedding, and a second one in 2019 in Bali for the big celebration with family and friends. Not because we can’t get enough of having 1 wedding, but it is more for paperwork practicality purpose for us German- Indonesian couple living in NL. And who doesn’t like travelling Bali 😝 And yes I made two (!) wedding dresses, one for each occasion 😆 This dress is made for our wedding in NL in September 2018. When we decided to get married, I knew I wanted to make my own wedding dress although I had merely less than a year of sewing experience! Despite everyone’s doubt, I nevertheless believed in myself and my ability. And I think I proved it! I wanted to make a relatively simple fit and flare dress in white lace. So I learned how to draft a basic bodice using a dress form/ mannequin (meet Miss Molly!) and equipped with sewing books and tons of Youtube tutorials and patience 😂 It was very tough to achieve a great fit since my dress form is bigger than me (anyone can recommend me where to buy petite/ custom size dress form in the EU?) By making a trial dress first (in green lace) and with a lot of tweaking, unpicking, and redoing, I was finally happy with the result! Of course I also made some rookie mistakes, like making the lining waay too small I could not even sit 🙈🙈 and not to mention those mistakes made when making sleeves and inserting the not-so-invisible zip The point is: you’re the only person who can say and decide if something is achievable or not. So just believe in yourself! And just forget about perfection. Mistakes are inevitable and as long as it’s perfect (read: good enough) for you, nothing else matters 💪 . . . . . . . . . #imademyclothes #handmadewardrobe #sewcialists #sewistsofinstagram #memadeeveryday #memadewardrobe #naaien #naaienisleuk #naaieniship #millenialsewist #instasew #imakemyclothes #sewmuchfun #memade #handmadecloset #modernsewist #sewsewsew #nähen #diyweddingdress

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Where can we find you on social media?

On instagram at @karta.batik.fabrics and Etsy at

Modista newsletter subscribers get 20% off Karta Batik in November! Reading this and feeling like you’re missing out? Sign up here and send me a message on instagram and I’ll get the codes to you.

Sewing in the Netherlands round up

It’s that time again where the Modista tour takes us to a new country to explore the instagram sewing community there. This month I had to highlight my new home of the Netherlands where I moved about 6 weeks ago.

Having done some research in advance I knew there were some great sewists and stores around but had NO idea how huge sewing is here!! It feels like on every corner there is a fabric store or market and I am constantly in fabric heaven. I’m working on a round up of where to shop for fabric in Amsterdam, but for now wanted to give an introduction to the world of Dutch sewing.

Since arriving in Amsterdam, our new home, I’ve of course been scoping out the local style. It’s certainly different to Liverpool -for example I think I wear the most make up out of anyone in a 5 mile radius – but is super chic. Some Dutch insta-sewing friends have told me they think Dutch fashion is super utilitarian and boring but to me it’s the opposite. With clean lines, strong silhouettes and quality fabrics it reminds me of Japanese minimalism or Parisian winters. I’m really into it!

As usual I’ve picked 5 sewists who I love to follow, 5 pattern designers to sew with, 5 stores to shop and 5 phrases to know when learning about Dutch sewing. It was really hard to narrow down to just 5 of each when there is so much to choose from here – part 2 in a few months, anyone?

I hope you find this post useful and don’t forget to let me know your feedback here or on instagram what you think!

5 sewists to follow

The Jolly Seamstress

One of my favourite Ducth sewists to follow, Anne has such a lovely style and colour palette and a really dreamy insta-aesthetic to boot!

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I did it again. I just can’t help it with this pattern, it’s so good! Not to mention that the fit is spot on for me. I hope you’re not tired yet of seeing this pattern because one more is coming very soon 🙃 Bodice is the basic darted bodice from the book #sewmanydressessewlittletime paired with my favourite ever skirt by @ninaleelondon borrowed from the #kewdress This time I made the dress in a woven stretch viscose from @ladymcelroyfabrics that I bought from @minervadotcom This fabric is the best, it didn’t pull or snag and it was amazingly easy to work with. Definitely worth the money. Especially happy with the finishing touches because all the seam lines match up perfectly. You can’t see it with this print but I’m so happy I went the extra mile. It’s quite a summery dress but I’m definitely going to pair this with a long cardigan that I’m sewing up at the moment. Once that’s finished I’ll start on the Scout tee that I managed to cut from the scraps. Oh how I love the endless possibilities. I can’t wait for it all to be finished! #ladymcelroy #ladymcelroyfabric #fabricaddict #summerdress #diydressmaker #seamstress #sew #sewyourown #isewmyownclothes #imakemyownclothes #sewingtall #millenialsewing #sewingpattern #sewingblog #sewists #sewistsofinstagram #memade #memadewardrobe #maker #slowfashion #diyfashion #naaien #naaienisleuk #jecouds #jeportecequejecouds #jecoudsmagarderobe #nähen #nähenmachtglücklich

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Poplin Peony

An “instagram friend”that has become a real friend, Joyce is a superbly talented seamstress who shares her gorgeous outfits on her feed. I love her style!

Time to Sew

You might recognise Kate for her awesome work with FibreMood or her great blog where she gets real about everything to do with the sewing community, from how to stitch a neckband to sustainability.

Stitch and Press

Maritza is a wonderful sewist and a pattern insider for Sew Over It and I love what she does with their patterns!

I Sew Therefore I Am

An Aussie in the Netherlands, Beck makes wonderful outfits and goes into deep detail in her blog which is so helpful!

5 patterns designers to know

Misusu Patterns

Primarily a kidswear brand, I really like Misusu’s unusual designs and they have some free patterns on their site, too@

De Steek Patterns

A sewing school in Amsterdam, De Steek have a really interesting concept where as well as purchasing their own patterns you can also get basic blocks from which to work, such as this trouser pattern.

Waffle Patterns

Yuki’s designs are sublime and so sleek. With a lot of coat varieties and one whopping pack of 23 pocket templates, they are perfect for winter!


Looking to learn to sew? Tregz offers online sewing classes which include teaching as well as your basic blocks from which to build your patterns and makes. Follow her here on instagram!

Bobbin Hood

Gaining a cult status in the Netherlands, Bobbin Hood is about all things crafty including sewing! As well as kids and adult patterns, Bobbin Hood have a really cool book on screen printing which in these lockdown days is a hobby I could really get on board with. Check them out here.

5 fabric stores to shop

Karta Boutique

Run by Jessica of Jenovianti, this small independent brand imports the most amazing quality Indonesian batik fabrics. As if you needed another reason, 20% of profits are donated to charity.

Ansje Handmade

Organic and Sustainable fabrics with beautfiful prints

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

A small brand with commitment to sustainability and gorgeous ditsy prints like these…

A. Boeken Stoffen

If you’ve watched my instagram stories recently you’ll know I have a strong love affair with this store…with wall to wall fabrics it’s not quite online at the moment but worth a trip to Amsterdam for (when we can!)

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🌸 Cute cotton 🌸

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Monday’s Milk

These guys are classy AF. With beautiful fabrics from linen to Nani Iro prints, Monday’s Milk are seriously on my Christmas list.

5 hashtags to follow

If you’re wanting to discover some Dutch sewists you can follow these hashtags…

# dutchsewing



#stoffenspektakel (aka fabric spectacle, I think…)

#naaien (sewing)

Welcome to the world of Canadian sewing!

So what do you know about Canadian sewing, eh? Not much? That’s ok because it’s that time of the month where we take a virtual trip around the world to take a quick introduction to the sewing community in a new country.

As autumn is fast approaching (just kidding, it’s already here) I thought we could visit the country that in my opinion does it best; Canada. When you think of autumn, doesn’t everyone think of a gorgeous red maple leaf and cosy nights by the fire? Canadians are great at that and I benefited from it myself having been to Toronto about 4 times at last count.

Sadly during all my visits there I wasn’t yet fully into sewing so although I visited the fabric district I didn’t fully appreciate it! Never mind though as many of the businesses featured here have international shipping….!

Yes, Canadians are great at sewing for autumn and winter because they’ve simply had so much practice! Cosy and functional sewing patterns are a common theme but that’s not to say Canadian sewing isn’t in full bloom in summer. Quality fabrics and simple but effective lines are a given in Canada and I love the prints the sewists featured here use! Ready? Let’s go!

5 patterns to sew

  1. Gilbert Top by Helen’s Closet – this is such a gorgeous versatile shirt from one of my favourite Canadian sewists. I love the 70’s vibe of the sleeves!
  2. Sienna Maker Jacket by Closet Core Patterns: another very popular Canadian pattern maker, I love that all these patterns are also available in French as they’re based in Quebec
  3. Tudor Blouse by Stitch Witch Patterns: magical patterns for the modern maker, this is a relatively new pattern company but I love the statement sleeve on this blouse
  4. Fraser sweatshirt by Sewaholic: I really like this cosy sweater, perfect for autumnal evenings. Check out Sewaholic for really lovely, functional patterns ideal for winter – I really like the look of the Minoru.
  5. Sofia top by Victory Patterns: both minimal and vintage, Victory patterns in Toronto have nailed the 2020 trend of shirring with this top/dress!

5 stores to shop

As well as online, the fabric districts in Canada are the place to be! I didn’t fully appreciate Toronto’s fabric district at the time but am already planning my next trip. In the meantime here’s some fab independent stores to shop from Canada….

  1. Blackbird Fabrics: the awe-inspiring independent Vancouver juggernaut that is Blackbird Fabrics is led by Caroline who you will know from the Love to Sew podcast. These guys set the standard for dressmaking fabrics not only in Canada but in my opinion overseas too!
  2. Fabricland: full of cosy knits, I love how Fabricland organise their fabrics by collection and colours as well as fibre.
  3. The Workroom: from their base in Toronto this indie store ship a gorgeous curated collection of patterns and modern prints.
  4. ThreadCount fabrics: based in Manitoba, I especially love this small business’ STUNNING collection of flannels – so Canadian!!
  5. Textile Museum of Canada: I really wanted to include these so that anyone visiting Toronto soon goes – not only do they have a fascinating collection, their store stocks lovely fabrics and artsenally made objects. Their shop is currently not online, but details in this IG post comments of how to order by phone if you would like!

5 sewists to follow

  1. @benzmakes has a lovely style, mixing a jewel and neutral palette within a minimalist wardrobe. Also, I so admire her consistent insta aesthetic which I always really struggle with!
  2. @jennisewssomething has a really gorgeous vintage style with beautiful sundresses and really cute blouses
  3. If you like knitting you’ll love @beckymarkus who makes gorgeous jumpers to match her beautiful sews
  4. Sylvia at @theravelout is one of my favourite sewists on instagram right now. Her makes are always a gorgeous pairing of fabric and pattern and you can rely on her for thorough, honest processes of her makes.
  5. I am constantly inspired by the makes @Acornandthimbleco comes out with. She rocks a jumpsuit make and loves a dress, just like me!

5 hashtags to follow!

Looking to follow more Canadian sewists? Here’s 5 tags to follow:






I hope this has inspired you to try out some Canadian patterns and hashtags! Join next month for another introduction to the world of sewing in another country!

This month’s Modista indie brands

Each month the Modista newsletter brings you updates from around the sewing world, useful links and videos and exclusive discounts and offers from some fabulous indie brands. This month we have THREE brands to choose from so here I’m listing some of my favourite picks….

Dragonfly Fabrics

Dragonfly are one of my favourite UK online fabric stores for their range of fabrics, user friendly website (I love it when fabrics are really clearly organised by fabric content!) and customer service. Here’s some of my picks…

Bio-linen dress fabric from their gorgeous linen range
Japanese cotton – the quality on this is sublime and they have a lovely range perfect for trousers and jumpsuits

CocoWawa Crafts

Ana from CocoWawa designs really fun, beautifully written sewing patterns that are available in Spanish and English. Here are a couple of my favourites!

The Honeycomb dress is so versatile and perfect for all seasons! There’s a lot of hacks of this on their website.
The latest pattern, the Plum dress is another firm favourite that to me seems the perfect swishy picnic outfit

Material Girl Laura

Laura stocks beautiful prints and especially nice jerseys in her online store. I’ve previously purchased her viscoses before which are gorgeous quality too. I really like these two picks from her newly added section…

This ochre dobby would be gorgeous as a Fibre Mood Norma don’t you think?
Another lovely autumnal print from the newly added fabrics, would be lovely as a pair SOI ultimate culottes

All of these brands are offering exclusive discounts in this month’s Modista Newsletter – if you’ve missed out, don’t worry! You can still sign up and drop me a message on instagram to let me know, and I’ll send you this month’s codes.

Bienvenido to the world of Spanish sewing!

Welcome to this month’s stop on the global sewing tour – Spain! One of my favourite countries, Spain in my opinion has it all. Gorgeous landscapes, delicious food, amazing culture and of course the FASHION.


Dressmaking in Spain, in my opinion, is perhaps not as mainstream as it is in the UK or France for example. Spain is a very crafty country and artisan crafts play a huge role in not only the culture but tourism as well – when I was a tour guide there, lace makers, jewellers and potteries were regular pitstops for us. There are also regular markets across most towns and cities in Spain – for example the Mercado de Motores in Madrid is a monthly craft market that features antiques as well as arts and crafts and of course El Rastro, one of the largest flea markets in Europe, is full of crafts and handmade items.

However when shopping for fabric and sewing patterns in Spain, you still tend to come across more traditional patterns and upholstery than perhaps the indie patterns and online stores we find in the UK. Crochet, on the other hand, is big business with lots of little yarn stores across the country, especially in Barcelona where yarn bombing is a regular occurence.

With that said, the sewing community in Spain is extremely active and producing some of the most gorgeous patterns and makes out there. A lot of Spanish styles feature classic silhouettes with a twist – maybe a dramatic sleeve or asymmetric hem, with bold colour blocking and the biggest sunglasses you can wear. On the other side of the style spectrum you’ll find a lot of ‘cute’ designs – ditsy florals, neon colours and fun prints.

In this blog post I’ve tried to summarise an introduction to the world of sewing in Spain with 5 pattern makers, 5 sewers, 5 fabric stores and 5 hashtags to follow. If you know other makers in Spain – particularly BIPOC

5 patterns to sew

  1. Honeycomb dress by CocoWawa Crafts

Ana is from Spain and writes bilingual English/Spanish sewing patterns over at CocoWawa crafts, which have become extremely popular thanks to their gorgeous styles and really helpful instructions.

One of my favourites is the Honeycomb dress which features ties at the waist and a lovely neck. Ana is offering an exclusive discount code on her patterns in this month’s Modista newsletter, so sign up before the 31st to get your discounted pattern!

2. Jean Paul jumpsuit by Ready to Sew

Remember Ready to Sew from the French roundup? Their patterns are also available in Spanish! This is another of my favourite patterns of theirs, the Jean Paul Jumpsuit. This also has an optional add-on pattern you can purchase to add even more variations, one of my favourite things about Ready to Sew patterns.

3. Abrigo brunch by Nairamkitty

Marian offers sewalongs, sewing classes, packs and PDF patterns on her website. Her Youtube channel has over 200,000 followers and I really like this coat which can be made with scuba/neoprene material!

4. Lliria dress by Pauline Alice

The Lliria dress is one of my favourites at the moment and the only thing stopping me buying it is a self imposed ban on button down dresses which has gotten out of hand. Pauline is French but lives in Spain and her patterns are influenced by her life there.

5. Midi Ribbon Skirt by Making Patterns Fly

How gorgeous is this Midi ribbon skirt by Making Patterns Fly? I love the tie back detail and elasticated waist – I think it’s a really unusual skirt. Another bilingual pattern, this is available in Spanish and English.

5 sewists to follow

  1. Saralias Sew

Sara makes beautiful garments but one make that caught my eye was this recent sanitary set – how can reusable sanitary towels be so cute? I never thought I’d plan these as gifts but these will be getting made up at Christmas…

2. Thirteen Buttons

Sara lives in Spain and is sharing her sewing journey on instagram. She is not only a great sewist but a really lovely person – case in point, she recently made Tessuti aprons for her in-laws’ florist business, how blooming nice of her!

3. BiHarixto

Much like the rest of the sewing world, DIY underwear and lingerie is really popular at the moment in Spain and BiHarixto has a real talent for it. Check her page for more.

4. Lazos y apertas

I really like Ana’s style, both in sewing and on her feed. She recently tested the Megan Nielsen Opal pants and did a great job!

5. Lisakisch

Lisa is Canadian sewing in Spain and her photos often feature beautiful Spanish landscapes and accessories….swoon!

5 Spanish fabric stores

  1. Lovely telas
View this post on Instagram


A post shared by lovelytelas (@lovelytelas) on

Hard for me to choose just one from their grid – think unusual prints and soft cottons and a very satisfying insta feed

2. Tida Colores del Mundo

Based in El Escorial just outside Madrid, Tida Coly sells African fabrics, jewellery and more. I especially like the look of their Manjac fabrics which I haven’t seen in the UK so far…

3. Stracciatelas

This fabric store ships from their base in Barcelona and has a mix of really beautiful florals and fun prints like this marine print – can you spot the tiny seahorses??

4. Slow Taller

Slow Taller means ‘slow workshop’ and intends to offer all supplies you need for slow fashion. Again you’ll find really bright and colourful prints here like this gorgeous french terry! They have also recently written a fab blog post on free kids wear patterns (a lot of them in English)

5. Nunoya

I lived in Spain on and off for 3 years, 6 months of it in Barcelona and I am kicking myself for not being into sewing when I was there so I could have visited Nunoya! This gorgeous store stocks a speciality range of Japanese fabrics including Nani Iro

5 hashtags to follow

#megustacoser – translates as ‘I like to sew’

#costuraDIY = DIY fashion

#costuracreativa = creative sewing

#yocosomiropa = I make my clothes

#coseresmisuperpoder = sewing is my superpower


I hope you found this round up useful! Let me know – have you found any other Spanish sewists, patterns or more you’d like to see in Part 2 of this round up?

In the meantime if you want another glimpse into Spanish fashion, I found this blog post really interesting (and accurate). Hasta pronto!

Over £1675 raised!

Wow, just wow! When I laid out my target of £1500 during #memademay2020 for the sewing labels, I really thought I was pushing the realms of possibility a bit.

But here we are just halfway through #memademay and we’ve not only hit the target, we’ve SMASHED IT!

When I released my French labels on Friday there was a sudden rush of orders (thank you!) not just for them, but for the charity labels as well so suddenly we reached just over £1675!

When I went online to make the donation, I realised that Natwest have updated their commitment to match customer’s donations to the National Emergencies Trust. In the beginning I could only see the way donate via Natwest Rewards which I don’t use – but now they match cash donations!

I was delighted and, as with the previous donations, added Gift Aid to the donation which adds an additional 25% to your contribution.

So all in all, we have raised a whopping £2768 for the fund!!! Zut alors!!!

I want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has supported so far. Whether by making a purchase, sharing and promoting on your stories or by sending me a little motivational message, the momentum from the sewing community on this has been brilliant.

Hundreds of little envelopes have been sent all over the world in the last 5 weeks or so and it’s been brilliant to see how you’ve used them so please, keep sewing and don’t forget to tag @modistasewing in your makes and I’ll do a little happy dance here in Liverpool.

Thanks again, stay safe, and stay sewing!


Introducing Modista labels

Did you know that ‘Modista’ means ‘tailor’ in Spanish? I chose this name to combine two of my favourite things – travel and sewing!

I’ve been really lucky to travel frequently with my job and for several years lived in between France and Spain, mostly Paris where I spent most of the time desperately wishing I could be as chic as the French women and browsing the fabric stores beside Montmartre and up in La Butte d’Or. I became (sort of) fluent in French and to this day love reading French sewing blogs, using French fabrics and listening to French podcasts.

I miss the world. A lot. Right now we can’t get out into the world too easily, but we can bring it to us by means of our fabrics, patterns, and now labels!

Introducing my latest label designs! I’ve been working on these for a while now and am SO pleased with how they turned out! I have used muted colours that to me conjure up summer in Paris and the joy of living there – colours that would match so many garments and bring a chic finishing touch to them.

Want to brush up on your French sewing phrases? Bien sûr!

Et voila …… and there you go! (usually used when something is finished)

salut chouchou……hi sweetheart/darling – but I actually chose this because chouchou also translates as scrunchie – this label is crying out to be put on one!

fait à la main ….handmade

très chic….very chic

DIY couture……DIY couture!

The labels are OEKO-TEX quality and come 5 labels to a pack. It’s important to me to be as sustainable as possible and to continue to give something back, so I do relatively small orders at a time, have used glassine bags for packaging (fully biodegradable!) and 5% of my profits from this label design will be donated to charity.

The weekend of 15-18th May I am running a giveaway for 3 winners to get a free label pack on my instagram page – if you would like to win, you just need to like the post, follow me and comment what #wip you would use the labels on!

You can purchase the labels on my store here, and also through my NuMonday store at

Packs of 5 are just £7.50 including worldwide standard delivery.

I hope you like these new labels – let me know what you think!