Introducing Modista labels

Did you know that ‘Modista’ means ‘tailor’ in Spanish? I chose this name to combine two of my favourite things – travel and sewing!

I’ve been really lucky to travel frequently with my job and for several years lived in between France and Spain, mostly Paris where I spent most of the time desperately wishing I could be as chic as the French women and browsing the fabric stores beside Montmartre and up in La Butte d’Or. I became (sort of) fluent in French and to this day love reading French sewing blogs, using French fabrics and listening to French podcasts.

I miss the world. A lot. Right now we can’t get out into the world too easily, but we can bring it to us by means of our fabrics, patterns, and now labels!

Introducing my latest label designs! I’ve been working on these for a while now and am SO pleased with how they turned out! I have used muted colours that to me conjure up summer in Paris and the joy of living there – colours that would match so many garments and bring a chic finishing touch to them.

Want to brush up on your French sewing phrases? Bien sûr!

Et voila …… and there you go! (usually used when something is finished)

salut chouchou……hi sweetheart/darling – but I actually chose this because chouchou also translates as scrunchie – this label is crying out to be put on one!

fait à la main ….handmade

très chic….very chic

DIY couture……DIY couture!

The labels are OEKO-TEX quality and come 5 labels to a pack. It’s important to me to be as sustainable as possible and to continue to give something back, so I do relatively small orders at a time, have used glassine bags for packaging (fully biodegradable!) and 5% of my profits from this label design will be donated to charity.

The weekend of 15-18th May I am running a giveaway for 3 winners to get a free label pack on my instagram page – if you would like to win, you just need to like the post, follow me and comment what #wip you would use the labels on!

You can purchase the labels on my store here, and also through my NuMonday store at

Packs of 5 are just £7.50 including worldwide standard delivery.

I hope you like these new labels – let me know what you think!

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